Pulse balancing Homeopathy and Pulse balancing Acupuncture


When there is an imbalance in any one of the five elements, diseases or disorder sets in a human body. Before manifesting as a disease, nature warns us through symptoms. This is a preventive science which has a holistic approach towards body mind and spirit. Only a mother can take care of a child. Universe is our mother (Macrocosm) and we are her children (Microcosm). The dieses can be cured only through universal energy. The patients naadi is diagnosed and based on that homeopathic medicine is matched and given orally. Also, acupuncture needle is dipped in the homeopathic medicine dilution and it is pierced at the corresponding point. The needle transmits energy. It removes blockage and allows the energy to flow freely.

Children having poor memory in concentration, suffering from brain disorders, speech disorders, stammering, bed wetting, low immunity, hormonal problems, vision related problems, hyperactive, irregular food habits etc. can be benefited.

Youngsters and Adults having back aches, hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, vision problems, stress, obesity, hair loss, low HB count, Skin related problems etc. can be benefited.

And in patients suffering from chronic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, kidney related problems, asthma, wheezing and Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. can be benefited.

And on mind, it creates harmony, corrects sleeping disorders, removes fear, streamlines eating pattern, improves decision making skills, increases grasping power, gives peaceful mind, increases self confidence and gives positive approach towards life.


Balancing of Five Elements:

Basis of all creations, living and non-living things are made up of five elements. The five elements encompass all that is needed to survive in this creation. Without any one of the five, the universe would cease to exist. The Five elements system views the human body as a microcosm and universe as Macrocosm. Energy continuously flows from the universe to human body and is stored in the visceral organs and move through specific pathways or meridians in the body in a regular and cyclical fashion. When these energies become blocked or deficient or excessive results in an imbalance which in turn leads to diseases.

Each organ in Human Body is made up of a specific element. Each element receives the corresponding energy from the Universe and energises its organ. The energy travels through a specific path called meridian which lies under the skin. Numerous meridians run throughout the body from head to toe. Mostly, nail corners would be either be receiving or ending point of these meridians. There is a specific timing during which each organ receives energy from the universe. When all these five energies are balanced, the organ gets rejuvenated and one remains healthy.


Formation of Diseases:

Depends on

1. Receiving:  If a person is unable to receive any of the energy, then the corresponding organs get affected.

2.Co- Cycle :  In co-cycle, diseases are formed when there is a problem in the formation of elements. The sequence of formation of five elements is known as universal co-cycle.

  • Earth came as a fire ball from universe. The first element formed was fire.
  • This fire was cooled and earth was formed.
  • The sand particles in the earth got mixed up with each other and air was formed.
  • The air went up as dark clouds and came down as rain and thus water was formed.
  • When water fell on earth, plants started to grow and wood was found

Each element is formed from the other element. Fire is the mother of earth. Earth is mother of Air. Air is mother of Water. Water is mother of wood. And wood is mother of Fire. Thus each element has mother child relationship. Since each element is found from the other element, this is known as Universal Co-Cycle.


3. Destructive Cycle: When everything is balanced in life, Life goes peacefully. Problem arises when there is an imbalance. Similarly, in case with five elements. Each element is interdependent on each other. The elements support each other in balanced conditions. Earth required water. Without water earth dries up and at the same time, too much water will erode the soil. Plants do not grow in either of these conditions.
  • Fire required wetness (water). This can be explained through a lamp. Wick requires wetness to get inflamed. If it is dry, it burns out quickly and at the same time, too much of wetness will blow off the flame.
  • Fire requires air. Either the absence of air or too much of air does not allow the fire to exist.
  • Wood requires Air for its growth. Absence of the air or too much of air will affect the growth of plants and too much of air will destroy the plants.
  • Plants require soil. Too much of soil does not allow plants to grow. And at the same time, if it is low, plants cannot grow.

    So whenever there is an imbalance, in these elements, they destroy each other and this is known as Universal Destructive Cycle.